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Not getting calls for an interview despite a very well-written resume? Hearing from recruiters for irrelevant job openings?
Well, it’s time to realize that something is missing.
Though it’s important to have a great resume, making it visible among hundreds of the kind on job search portals necessitates having the right keywords in your profile on such portals.
At Prism HRC, we help you demystify the confusion surrounding keywords to help you improve the visibility of your profile and get noticed.
Give this video a watch as it will help you to:

1.    Know the gist of the search process of job portals from both the job seeker and recruiter’s standpoint
2.    Understand how to upload your profile on job search portals in order to get relevant job opening calls
3.    Identify important fields for incorporating keywords so as to improve visibility
Watch this video on YouTube to know how:
To avail our services, you can reach us on:
Contact: 9821523064
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