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In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “Nine-tenths of wisdom is being wise in time”. If you aspire to finish all tasks in good time, sidestep these slip-ups and see how you juggle myriads of tasks with ease.

  • Never say never attitude

If you find it difficult to say “No”, it’s time you give yourself a minute to reflect
whether you are taking on work that you don’t need to and whether you are
equipped to handle it.


  • Not preparing to-do lists

To-do lists help set pace for all the tasks to be performed throughout the day
and above all, identifying the most important task in hand which in turn gives
elbow room to finish other activities without stress.


  • Multitasking goof-ups – Multitasking is indeed an amazing way of managing
    time but it’s important to know that it can be a double-edged sword as failing
    to do it right may land you in trouble. You may spend more than the required
    time to complete assignments and also affect the quality of work. Choose
    compatible tasks for multitasking and set aside those that need full


  • ‘Zero-break’ mode – Fast-approaching deadlines often drift employees to the
    no-break zone. Your brain needs to rest after concentrating for long hours and
    thus, taking a break can act like a reset button for boosting productivity.

Try avoiding these mistakes and explore the path towards a better work-life.

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