Video resume, a trending thought!

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Stay ahead of the crowd even before the interview takes place

Give your prospective employer a quick account of your experience, skills and persona through a video! It’s an amazing way to enhance your paper resume as it offers room to elaborate on your skills and learning while giving your prospective employer a glimpse of how well you present yourself.

  • Why should you consider preparing one?

You may offer your candidature via the traditional method of a paper resume and enrich it with a video resume. While video resumes are optional, it is a great way of setting yourself apart and being noticed as it gives you a chance to highlight your best accomplishments and justify how you attained it.

One of the most important attributes that employers look out for is personality. Show the employer what you can bring to the table and exhibit your personality, confidence, attitude and communication skills using a short video to supplement your resume.

  • Why is it going to be a growing trend?

With mounting stacks of resumes for the same job opening, limited time to scan them and hundreds of candidates possessing pretty much the same educational qualifications, video resumes are here to stay. While there are mixed reviews regarding acceptability of video resumes, depending on the kind of industry and company you seek to work for, you may consider helping the HR select people and save time with a video resume lasting nearly 90 seconds. Video resumes help reveal your individuality and enable recruiters to appraise a candidate’s professional presentation and demeanor.

Video resume acts like a pre-interview tool for the recruiter and also works to your benefit since shooting the video in a controlled environment can help boost confidence thereby enabling one to come off as a highly competent individual.

So go ahead and make your video resume to portray the best of your skills and abilities even before the interview.

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