Do what you love for a living.

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Imagine the day you were happy and the day you were sad . A simple observation of our state of mind would help us understand that time seems to fly when one is happy and it seems to drag when one is upset.

Well, if you have been dragging yourself  to work everyday , its time to do what you love.

What happens when you love what you do? Or when you do what you love?


While pleasure is fleeting , contentment is long lasting and arises when one feels a sense of responsibility and contribution . Needless to say when you do what you love , you take responsibility of the task at hand and feel like contributing towards it . Thus, no need to drag yourself to work.


When you do ssomething you are really passionate about , productivity is an automatic fallout . This is because you take and active interest to learn every aspect of the task at hand and thus work efficiently. This in turn allows one to strike work-life balance .


A job is not limited to your paycheck it assumes significance in terms of personal fulfilment and growth as well . A job should make you feel comfortable , both in and out of office . If you are passionate about your job , you will radiate success in every aspect of your life .

To sum it up , if you follow your passion money will follow but if you follow only money , misery will follow .

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