6 Steps to decide you are on the right career path.

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Deciding what you want to do in life can be a big task especially when you are facing family pressure, societal pressure and even peer pressure. Often people decide on a career they have no interest in whatsoever just because their family said so or because their friends are about to venture into that field and end up getting stuck into a web of stuff that they don’t even want to do in life so you need to plan out since the very beginning about what you want to do in life so you are not working a 9-5 job that you don’t even understand or just because you took up that field in high school. To ease you with the process we have listed down 6 simple steps to help you decide the right path to your career.

  • What do you love doing?

Make a list of things you love doing and shortlist the best ones that you know can earn you money and if you are the best at doing them then that’s an added bonus because as the saying goes that if you are  good at something , never do it for free.

  • What profession attracts you?

Due to education advancements and various new streams emerging there are ample options available to choose from when it comes to your professional career. If you merge something you love doing with a profession you are attracted to, viola! You have found yourself a career that you will never get bored of doing every day for the rest of your life.

  • What lifestyle do you wish to have?

Lifestyle can become an important factor when choosing your career, the lifestyle that you are used to might not be the lifestyle the career you chose offers which can become a big hurdle when it comes to growth in your career. Thus imagine what kind of lifestyle you want and would not want in your future and work towards it.

  • Take an aptitude test :

Aptitude tests are a great and easy way to know your career path. You answer a bunch of MCQ questions based on various subjects and then accordingly your score is tallied to tell you what might be your best career option.

  • The 10 Years down the lane question :

Ask yourself, do you see yourself being successful, what do you want your career to shape up to, What position do you want to have at your workplace, will you be able to reach it or perform at par 10 years down the lane, if all the answers lead to a yes then whatever path you have chosen is the correct one and will often lead to a stable career.

  • Seek out career coaches :

Career coaches or mentors are the best people that you can go to, for career advice. Your friends have limited knowledge and so does your family. You might think of doing something that they have no idea of and may eventually persuade you to drop it altogether so it’s best to seek advice from mentors who have expert knowledge about everything and will be able to guide you through the whole pros and cons of that particular field.


The most crucial part of your life is your career and the most crucial part of your career is your life and both of them should be on the same side. The graph of life should only point up towards and it will only be that way if you career is on an upward scale too otherwise either side is going be chaos and you are the one that’s going to end up unhappy because you were too late to take control of your own life, your own career path, so you must decide early and thoughtfully.



Are you maintaining a proper work-life balance?


Workaholics are often people who are misunderstood due to ‘n’ number of work pressures and their efforts in trying to keep up with them, which usually results in them not getting enough time with their respective families with no priorities or boundaries set towards their work routine they probably miss out on various parts of their life. So since early days of your job, make it a point of maintaining work-life balance so at a later stage you don’t get stuck in between priorities or end up losing one altogether. To make this process easier for you we have put together some simple yet very important points to maintain work-life balance.

  • Set your boundaries: Draw a line between personal life and professional life and maintain it. Not only will this set line keep both the sides of the party happy but also give you peace and ample amount of space and time because the last thing you need in your life is your work disturbed because of your personal life or your personal life becoming a mess because of your work ethic.
  • Communication is the key: If you are facing any problems at your job communicate them with your family if its causing you unnecessary stress and irritation so that they won’t bother you with multiple questions leaving you angry and frustrated and would rather support you till the phase passes . Similarly if you are going through emotional turmoil or a stressful time in your personal life share it with your subordinates or colleague’s so you have a mutual understanding and support from them.
  • Make full use of technology: With advancements in technology work from home has now become a thing. So even if you fall sick or have to stay at home with regards to personal issues your work can still be done from the laptop sitting at your home with a single click, all you need is internet and you are all set. Skype and various other software’s can come in handy, mails and messages can be sent on the go so even if you call a sick day.
  • Set your work hours: If you plan on bringing your incomplete work at home make sure you set your work hours accordingly. Family or me time is just as important as your office work and should never be taken for granted. Try and complete pending work in a set time of three or four hours and then spend the remaining time with your family, keep this time as a constant and stick to it every day so that your work gets completed without any disturbance and even your family time is not disappointed .
  • Do what you love: Make time for things that you love whenever you get a break from work because a ‘Me’ time is always a good way to get in happy state of mind. In your free time read a book , watch a movie , go on a vacation that you were postponing since weeks , do everything that you love to do so when you return to work after your break you can begin with a fresh mind . This increases your productivity but keeps you on your toes.
  • Prioritise your professional and personal life: Your life outside as well as inside your office matters. Your productivity and time management skills will always come handy, so priority is the most important aspect of maintaining work-life balance. Decide beforehand what matters and what doesn’t what you think requires more attention and what need not be tend to immediately. This will help you sail smoothly through both personal & professional life. Compartmentalize everything since the beginning according to their urgency so they don’t mess up your life at the end and you are stuck with sorting it out on your own because you let both things mix up. Decide what matters the most, your career or your personal life and make it known to everyone around you so no two things are messed up at a later stage.

 Work and life are two important parts of an individual’s life that stay with you till the very end and to maintain a balance it is crucial to give equal importance to both of them as one side weighing more than the other is always a bad thing even if your priorities are set that way someday you are bound to mess up and miss out on far more greater opportunities in your life because less attention was paid to another one. So Plan it out, execute it well and see how beautifully your work as well as your life maintains a peaceful balance.


Why having a role model is important?

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             You must have often wondered if you look up to someone or as you grow up if someone looks up to what you do. This is what I role model in a lay man’s words is. Ever since you are little you grow up idolising people, admiring them for whatever the reasons may be, if the same is asked to an eight year old, he or she may say his / her parents are his/ her role model because at that age they really are but as we gradually socialise and learn new things, meet people from various walks of life our idols change and our perception of who our role model is, what should he / she be like changes too. These role models are an important part of your life till you die and today you will learn why….

  • Values and opinions: After your mother and father if any person has the power for you to change your decisions , your faith , your values , you beliefs be it spiritually , emotionally or professionally then the answer is your role model. If you consider a particular person your role model then it would have been for a reason that is relatable to you and only you so when you idolise someone like that you start to inculcate their values and opinions in your day to day life thus bringing about a change in your former self.
  • A Positive outlook: Discipline, dedication, perseverance, passion, positivity are values you learn from your role model. If you look up to someone who is a person of such values then you are on the right path but if your role model is someone who is the opposite of a positive person and a bad person then there’s an 100% chance you will never succeed  in life if you follow such a person’s footsteps .
  • Sharing the same passion: Passion is where the heart is and your heart is where your idol is. Many times you will find yourself wanting to do something that your idol does it may be things like becoming an avid traveller, an author, a chef, an actor, a doctor etc. and you will end up choosing the same career path for yourself not because it is what your idol does but because they fuel your passion in a career that brings you closer to your dreams at the same time bringing you closer to you idol.
  • Having one or more role model: If you have one or more role model now or in near future that’s the greatest thing ever but make sure that it doesn’t complicate your thoughts because if the idol’s you follow are not following the same profession you may end up with contradicting feelings about your life your career and the path you follow ahead. So even if you have two idols with different professions make sure that you follow the beliefs and virtues of only one.
  • Witnessing Success: You as an admirer will always be happy when your role model achieves or succeeds at something and will also get sad and outraged if they don’t , even if you may not think it at that time but your role model’s success and failures will affect you a lot if you are an avid follower of his or her life so whenever you witness their triumphs or their hardships remember all the good and bad days pass and just as your  role model shall emerge as a winner you will have too because if they don’t give up you can’t too, motivation is the key.

And don’t worry if you haven’t found your role model yet or if you don’t believe in having one remember the wise men always say ,” You are your own creator “ be your own critique and pat your own back when you achieve something big , don’t ever lose hope or give up on something just because it looks impossible , because it is possible and if you get stuck in something you always have you role models success stories to give you enough motivation to get you through it and if that doesn’t help your parents & peers will always have your back. Do You!

“What to anticipate when working as a fresher”

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With the growing gap in pass outs and employment opportunities bagging a job as a fresher be it in a start-up or a corporate is as difficult as catching a train in the peak hours. So when you land your first job as a fresher here are some of the things you need to expect as a fresher:

  • Time Management: Being a fresher you will be expected to work in tight deadlines where time is the most crucial factor and mistakes are not taken lightly. So before saying yes to multiple things at work make sure you have your schedule planned out in such a way that It’s not stressful, gives you ample amount of time to execute stuff and complete tasks before the expected time.
  • Multitasking is the key: Office environments are challenging in their own way with the amount of task and the time needed to complete them changes every day so it’s better to be adaptable in such environments for your work to be done faster. One person has several roles to do and as a fresher that will be expected of you too so make sure you are a fast learner and only take on responsibilities that can be completed by you.
  • No Training time : It may be a multinational company or a fellow start-up even though your team heads may guide you from time to time if you get stuck as fresher , they won’t grant you a set time for training you as the previous point said every individual has multiple roles to do in an organisation so time constraint & tight deadlines won’t get you any training time so make sure you briefly get to know what the company will and will not offer to you when it comes to your job profile so that you don’t get stuck doing something you don’t know .
  • Exposure to learning : The company you start with will provide you with ample amount of exposure so that you have hands on experience in the know- how of how the company conducts its day to day tasks  , company features , policies , what are the responsibilities handled by every department . When you learn these things you also learn so much about different department’s work ethic too. So if you ever get a free time from your work make sure you stroll around and try and learn as much as you can about other departments too you never know when you may find one to be helpful to you.
  • Evolving Company Policies : Many MNC’s and start up’s have changed their company policies for employees wherein they either allow work from home facility for the candidate or have flexible work hours as long as the task provided to you gets done . Sometimes companies have a catch when it comes to flexible working hours, that is less pay but its fine as long as you get the right amount of hand’s on experience you need as a fresher.
  • Learning Attitude: As a fresher you should always start each day with a fresh mind and take on responsibility for each task with a positive attitude. A laidback attitude will get you no where and only question your credibility so its important that you learn and grasp whatever knowledge u can get with a humble and positive attitude.

So, study the company profile well on your first day, understand how stuff works around the company, learn as much as you can, multitask but manage your time accordingly and you are good to go.




Do what you love for a living.

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Imagine the day you were happy and the day you were sad . A simple observation of our state of mind would help us understand that time seems to fly when one is happy and it seems to drag when one is upset.

Well, if you have been dragging yourself  to work everyday , its time to do what you love.

What happens when you love what you do? Or when you do what you love?


While pleasure is fleeting , contentment is long lasting and arises when one feels a sense of responsibility and contribution . Needless to say when you do what you love , you take responsibility of the task at hand and feel like contributing towards it . Thus, no need to drag yourself to work.


When you do ssomething you are really passionate about , productivity is an automatic fallout . This is because you take and active interest to learn every aspect of the task at hand and thus work efficiently. This in turn allows one to strike work-life balance .


A job is not limited to your paycheck it assumes significance in terms of personal fulfilment and growth as well . A job should make you feel comfortable , both in and out of office . If you are passionate about your job , you will radiate success in every aspect of your life .

To sum it up , if you follow your passion money will follow but if you follow only money , misery will follow .

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Profile Improvement Plan – Decoding the job-hunt puzzle!

Hey there!

Are you confused on how to make a flawless resume that makes it to the desk of the hiring managers, worried about getting the relevant job opening calls or cracking tough job interviews?

Well, Prism HRC is here to light your path towards the perfect job through the Profile Improvement Plan!

Wondering how?

The Profile Improvement Plan is all you need in your endeavor of looking for a job as it helps you to:

  • Polish and perfect your resume
  • Be found by updating your profile on leading job-hunt portals
  • Prepare for any round of interview
  1. WOW recruiters with your resume by having it REVIEWED by experts

Having a fresh set of eyes take a look at your resume is a great way of spotting even the smallest of errors and ensuring that your resume highlights the pertinent details for an ideal job search.

And what if you get a feedback straight from the horse’s mouth?

  • Have your resume reviewed by recruiters, industry professionals and trusted connections with firsthand experience in the field of your interest.
  • Get all your questions answered in person regarding format, content, references to be given, whether a photograph should be added, objective statement and myriads of aspects requiring clarity
  1. Be found by the RIGHT RECRUITER – Increase the visibility of your resume on job search portals

After creating a professional resume, you are a step closer to your dream job but it’s imperative to ensure that your resume doesn’t get tossed into the file of those candidates employers don’t want to consider.

It is crucial to get relevant interview calls by having the right keywords in your profile so as to make yourself visible to recruiters and hiring managers else your profile may not be visible among hundreds of the kind regardless of how well-written your resume is.

We help you incorporate the apt keywords that reflect your key skills and qualifications and enable you to update your profile on prominent job search portals so that your profile rises to the top and gets noticed.

  1. EQUIP yourself to ACE the interview!

Next in line is occupying the much sought after hot seat, usually the last step of the job run.

We let you interact with recruiters and professionals who are experts in your field of interest so that you can equip yourself to deal with questions pertaining to your interview.

We endeavor to facilitate you to handle any job interview including personal interview, aptitude tests and group discussions, etc.

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Be found, be visible – Open the gateway to job openings!

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Not getting calls for an interview despite a very well-written resume? Hearing from recruiters for irrelevant job openings?
Well, it’s time to realize that something is missing.
Though it’s important to have a great resume, making it visible among hundreds of the kind on job search portals necessitates having the right keywords in your profile on such portals.
At Prism HRC, we help you demystify the confusion surrounding keywords to help you improve the visibility of your profile and get noticed.
Give this video a watch as it will help you to:

1.    Know the gist of the search process of job portals from both the job seeker and recruiter’s standpoint
2.    Understand how to upload your profile on job search portals in order to get relevant job opening calls
3.    Identify important fields for incorporating keywords so as to improve visibility
Watch this video on YouTube to know how:
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Video resume, a trending thought!

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Stay ahead of the crowd even before the interview takes place

Give your prospective employer a quick account of your experience, skills and persona through a video! It’s an amazing way to enhance your paper resume as it offers room to elaborate on your skills and learning while giving your prospective employer a glimpse of how well you present yourself.

  • Why should you consider preparing one?

You may offer your candidature via the traditional method of a paper resume and enrich it with a video resume. While video resumes are optional, it is a great way of setting yourself apart and being noticed as it gives you a chance to highlight your best accomplishments and justify how you attained it.

One of the most important attributes that employers look out for is personality. Show the employer what you can bring to the table and exhibit your personality, confidence, attitude and communication skills using a short video to supplement your resume.

  • Why is it going to be a growing trend?

With mounting stacks of resumes for the same job opening, limited time to scan them and hundreds of candidates possessing pretty much the same educational qualifications, video resumes are here to stay. While there are mixed reviews regarding acceptability of video resumes, depending on the kind of industry and company you seek to work for, you may consider helping the HR select people and save time with a video resume lasting nearly 90 seconds. Video resumes help reveal your individuality and enable recruiters to appraise a candidate’s professional presentation and demeanor.

Video resume acts like a pre-interview tool for the recruiter and also works to your benefit since shooting the video in a controlled environment can help boost confidence thereby enabling one to come off as a highly competent individual.

So go ahead and make your video resume to portray the best of your skills and abilities even before the interview.

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5 Golden rules to prepare for an interview

Know the rules prism

Each one of you must have thought about the ideal way to prepare for an interview.:

Prism HRC brings you 5 golden rules that you should follow before appearing for any interview:

  1. What you have learned – Involves your education and subject matter knowledge. 
  • All that you have studied till date, whether at school, college or any institute, will enable the interviewer to understand your interests, learning and skill-set that can be expected of you.
  • Ensure that you have good subject knowledge and more importantly, be strong with basic concepts in the field of your expertise.
  • For instance, if you’re a Chartered Accountant and heading for an interview for a taxation profile, it’s highly possible that the interviewer may ask questions related to concepts you might have studied long back in junior college. So be prepared to face such questions.
  1. What you have done – Involves your practical exposure on field
  • Describe how your past work preps you for the new role. Be specific about your skills and experience.
  • How you executed tasks given to you, what challenges you faced while executing them and how you handled them, the qualities that you discovered   about yourself while executing these tasks are some of the most important questions you should be prepared to answer.
  • If you’re a fresher, prepare to answer questions related to any projects you handled in your college days or any internship that you have done.
  1. Understanding the JD (Job Description)
  • It wouldn’t be inappropriate to ask the recruiter to share the JD with you before the interview. Start thorough preparation for each and every point mentioned in the JD.
  • Just in case you’re clueless about any point or topic, research about it from your colleagues or the internet but make sure you don’t leave any point.
  1. Research about the company and interviewer
  • It’s important to know where you are going and who is going to interview you. Glance through the company’s business description, about us section, research and achievements, market position and annual reports, if available. Know why you wish to join the company.
  • Ask the recruiter for the name of the interviewer before the interview. Go through the interviewer’s LinkedIn profile to understand his background which may help you seek a common ground during the interview process.
  1. Responding to HR interview questions
  • While responding to questions like why are you looking for a new job, what salary are you expecting, justification for the hike you are asking, how long do you propose to stay in this job, what are your career aspirations and expectations from the company, keep your answers brief and to the point.

We are sure if you follow the above rules, you will equip yourself to crack the toughest of interviews.

All the best!!!

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Author: Nikhil Vaidya (Director, Prism HRC)

The much needed help in your race against time

Time Management for wordpress

In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “Nine-tenths of wisdom is being wise in time”. If you aspire to finish all tasks in good time, sidestep these slip-ups and see how you juggle myriads of tasks with ease.

  • Never say never attitude

If you find it difficult to say “No”, it’s time you give yourself a minute to reflect
whether you are taking on work that you don’t need to and whether you are
equipped to handle it.


  • Not preparing to-do lists

To-do lists help set pace for all the tasks to be performed throughout the day
and above all, identifying the most important task in hand which in turn gives
elbow room to finish other activities without stress.


  • Multitasking goof-ups – Multitasking is indeed an amazing way of managing
    time but it’s important to know that it can be a double-edged sword as failing
    to do it right may land you in trouble. You may spend more than the required
    time to complete assignments and also affect the quality of work. Choose
    compatible tasks for multitasking and set aside those that need full


  • ‘Zero-break’ mode – Fast-approaching deadlines often drift employees to the
    no-break zone. Your brain needs to rest after concentrating for long hours and
    thus, taking a break can act like a reset button for boosting productivity.

Try avoiding these mistakes and explore the path towards a better work-life.

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