Video resume, a trending thought!

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Stay ahead of the crowd even before the interview takes place

Give your prospective employer a quick account of your experience, skills and persona through a video! It’s an amazing way to enhance your paper resume as it offers room to elaborate on your skills and learning while giving your prospective employer a glimpse of how well you present yourself.

  • Why should you consider preparing one?

You may offer your candidature via the traditional method of a paper resume and enrich it with a video resume. While video resumes are optional, it is a great way of setting yourself apart and being noticed as it gives you a chance to highlight your best accomplishments and justify how you attained it.

One of the most important attributes that employers look out for is personality. Show the employer what you can bring to the table and exhibit your personality, confidence, attitude and communication skills using a short video to supplement your resume.

  • Why is it going to be a growing trend?

With mounting stacks of resumes for the same job opening, limited time to scan them and hundreds of candidates possessing pretty much the same educational qualifications, video resumes are here to stay. While there are mixed reviews regarding acceptability of video resumes, depending on the kind of industry and company you seek to work for, you may consider helping the HR select people and save time with a video resume lasting nearly 90 seconds. Video resumes help reveal your individuality and enable recruiters to appraise a candidate’s professional presentation and demeanor.

Video resume acts like a pre-interview tool for the recruiter and also works to your benefit since shooting the video in a controlled environment can help boost confidence thereby enabling one to come off as a highly competent individual.

So go ahead and make your video resume to portray the best of your skills and abilities even before the interview.

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5 Golden rules to prepare for an interview

Know the rules prism

Each one of you must have thought about the ideal way to prepare for an interview.:

Prism HRC brings you 5 golden rules that you should follow before appearing for any interview:

  1. What you have learned – Involves your education and subject matter knowledge. 
  • All that you have studied till date, whether at school, college or any institute, will enable the interviewer to understand your interests, learning and skill-set that can be expected of you.
  • Ensure that you have good subject knowledge and more importantly, be strong with basic concepts in the field of your expertise.
  • For instance, if you’re a Chartered Accountant and heading for an interview for a taxation profile, it’s highly possible that the interviewer may ask questions related to concepts you might have studied long back in junior college. So be prepared to face such questions.
  1. What you have done – Involves your practical exposure on field
  • Describe how your past work preps you for the new role. Be specific about your skills and experience.
  • How you executed tasks given to you, what challenges you faced while executing them and how you handled them, the qualities that you discovered   about yourself while executing these tasks are some of the most important questions you should be prepared to answer.
  • If you’re a fresher, prepare to answer questions related to any projects you handled in your college days or any internship that you have done.
  1. Understanding the JD (Job Description)
  • It wouldn’t be inappropriate to ask the recruiter to share the JD with you before the interview. Start thorough preparation for each and every point mentioned in the JD.
  • Just in case you’re clueless about any point or topic, research about it from your colleagues or the internet but make sure you don’t leave any point.
  1. Research about the company and interviewer
  • It’s important to know where you are going and who is going to interview you. Glance through the company’s business description, about us section, research and achievements, market position and annual reports, if available. Know why you wish to join the company.
  • Ask the recruiter for the name of the interviewer before the interview. Go through the interviewer’s LinkedIn profile to understand his background which may help you seek a common ground during the interview process.
  1. Responding to HR interview questions
  • While responding to questions like why are you looking for a new job, what salary are you expecting, justification for the hike you are asking, how long do you propose to stay in this job, what are your career aspirations and expectations from the company, keep your answers brief and to the point.

We are sure if you follow the above rules, you will equip yourself to crack the toughest of interviews.

All the best!!!

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Author: Nikhil Vaidya (Director, Prism HRC)

The much needed help in your race against time

Time Management for wordpress

In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “Nine-tenths of wisdom is being wise in time”. If you aspire to finish all tasks in good time, sidestep these slip-ups and see how you juggle myriads of tasks with ease.

  • Never say never attitude

If you find it difficult to say “No”, it’s time you give yourself a minute to reflect
whether you are taking on work that you don’t need to and whether you are
equipped to handle it.


  • Not preparing to-do lists

To-do lists help set pace for all the tasks to be performed throughout the day
and above all, identifying the most important task in hand which in turn gives
elbow room to finish other activities without stress.


  • Multitasking goof-ups – Multitasking is indeed an amazing way of managing
    time but it’s important to know that it can be a double-edged sword as failing
    to do it right may land you in trouble. You may spend more than the required
    time to complete assignments and also affect the quality of work. Choose
    compatible tasks for multitasking and set aside those that need full


  • ‘Zero-break’ mode – Fast-approaching deadlines often drift employees to the
    no-break zone. Your brain needs to rest after concentrating for long hours and
    thus, taking a break can act like a reset button for boosting productivity.

Try avoiding these mistakes and explore the path towards a better work-life.

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