” Emerging Recruitment Trends “

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The word recruitment has evolved through so many levels on a larger scale with advancements in education, electronic resumes have replaced the age old paper resume method, hiring people is no more a tough job but it definitely has become a complicated job due to various factors that have emerged when it comes to recruiting, though they have slowed down the recruitment process they certainly have progressed when it comes to keeping up with technological and cultural trends and will only see a path of growth in near future. Mentioned below are some of the most popular recruitment trends that have emerged in the last few years:

  • Flexible working hours :

Earlier companies had a fix working hour’s pattern of a 9-5 job but with companies expanding their business globally and the rise of foreign direct investment in India work patterns have drastically changed. Many corporate houses now either provide shifts or flexible working hours so as to facilitate client growth not only in India but overseas too.

  • Diversity at workplace :

Cultural diversity at workplace has intensified cultural diversity is nothing but ethnic variety and cultural differences among employees of the same company. Cultural differences earlier was not preferred but modern workplaces have implemented cultural competency training , where in it helps co-workers to respect the difference of one another and learn to work together despite differences in communication styles.

  • Social Media Recruitment :

Social media recruiting has been one of the biggest recruiting trends this year as the competition to acquire top talent and the change in expectations of job seekers, companies too have had to change a lot in terms of recruiting and for the changing times social media has been a life saver for companies to recruit candidates through various social media portals like Facebook, twitter , Whatsapp , Instagram ,LinkedIn, Skype . Facebook which was just a networking tool to find friends to connect virtually has now become the base for companies to increase their reach and gain social popularity. LinkedIn is no more just a professional network , Instagram is gradually becoming the new Facebook and now has far more reach than Facebook does as it presents the companies with various branding opportunities , is easy to use and hashtag works wonders to find people of specific fields. Skype plays a huge roll in scheduling interviews with clients based overseas with no hassles of time zones or travel expenditures. Recruiting through social media is rapidly increasing as people are more active on instagram then they ever are on various job portals.

  • Outsourcing :

Earlier companies had their own human resource department which did all the recruiting and laying off of staff. This required experience, manpower and was too time consuming so outsourcing was introduced. Outsourcing is nothing but an agency or consultancy that hires and fires people on the company’s behalf. These agencies are not a part of the actual company but they work in loose ties with various company clients and make sure that the client’s company vacancies are filled with the sourcing of appropriate candidates.

These trends will only become better and better making recruitment methods soar heights, eventually either making recruiting a quick process or replacing it with something much advanced and technology driven with in return will save time, manpower and money.